Girls Day!

The boys went fishing so the girls and i played! We hung out in downtown Vermilion. We went to my favorite place to get ice cream and phosphates. I don’t remember the original name but it’s called Big Ed’s currently. My friend and her husband just took over ownership and i couldn’t be more excited. It has such a vintage feel and i have such wonderful memories of sitting at the “bar” with my grandmother. I can’t wait to see how she improves the old place while keeping the vintage feel!

Mom and her bestie Annalee
Elizabeth with her root beer float
Karalyn and her 2 scoop ice cream. She couldn’t pick just one flavor

After we finished downtown we returned to my parents to swim in the lake!

6 thoughts on “Girls Day!

  1. Girl days are the best days…at any age…at any time. Big Ed’s ice cream…swimming and fun in the sun made the perfect day. Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures and 💕 my girls…hugs…m

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