Babysitting my bestie

Ok ok i didn’t really have to “babysit” my 40 year old best friend, but i did have to keep her company while her husband was away. Yesterday she had surgery and needed someone to come hang out with her while her husband was working. It was a wonderful day. No kids. No husbands. Just the two of us talking about life and lots of laughs…..which wasn’t good because it hurts her to laugh! After many hours passed by my nieces came home with their dad. I stayed and played and helped coach a little before i left. Any day with these girls is a great day but i was anxious to get home to my husband and girls!

She’s working so hard for tryouts in a month
Does anyone else think she looks like Punky Bruster?

One thought on “Babysitting my bestie

  1. Hanging with your bestie at any age…anytime…anywhere…talking life and laughing is ALWAYS the BEST😊. Hours…days…weeks…months…even years can pass and when you meet up hug ~ talk~ laugh~ cry ~ it all takes you back to an age you can’t even remember but only know it was the best age ever in your life. It’s a feeling that will always be with you both forever. Been there…Am there…and still feeling it 64 years later. Hugs to you both…💕 m

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