Update on my lifestyle changes!

If you haven’t read my blog of how I’m rewriting my story please check out the link below!


These last four weeks have been amazing. I feel like a new person. My headaches are gone, my resting heart rate is lower, I’m sleeping so much better, and my energy level is way up. And might i add I’m only drink one cup of coffee a day. What!?!?! I have completely eliminated processed sugars! Everything i put in my body is naturally giving me fuel and I’ve never felt better!

In just 4 weeks I’m down 12 pounds. I’m also down 8 inches and my body fat percentage is down 7%.

This is just the beginning of my new story but i would say I’m off to a great start. Huge shoutout to my husband who has fully supported my lifestyle change and has made it so easy for me. He truly is my biggest cheerleader. Also to my parents who adjust their schedule to eat on mine when we spend the weekend with them!

I’ll check back in another 4 weeks! Healthy living=happy living!

12 thoughts on “Update on my lifestyle changes!

      1. It’s always shocking to me how much sugar is in foods that don’t need it – salad dressing, spaghetti sauce, ketchup, fast food sandwiches! I try to eat clean as well – easy to do at home but oh so hard on the go!

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      2. I agree. My husband and I have been eating “healthy” for months. He dropped 20 pounds and me just a few. I knew i needed to change more and it was eye opening to see how what i thought was healthy was actually not! And you’re right, eating outside of the home is horrible. Even grilled chicken at a restaurant has so much sodium!

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  1. Great job, fantastic start! Let your discipline…determination…love and support be the rocks that hold you up. You got this girl and we all got you 👏👏👏 💞…m

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