Lake Erie was angry

Friday night we had gale forced winds out of the north and Lake Erie was rough. It caused major damage to boat docks, roadways, homes, etc. Anything on the lake front was being tossed around and flooded with large waves. It was like a northeast Ohio hurricane.

Yesterday we went to my parents house in Vermilion, Ohio to check out the damage. My parents live up a hill from the lake, so they were spared any major damage. Lots of power lines down. A huge, 150 year old tree fell in the park and somehow missed EVERY house. Now if you know anything about lake homes in a park, then you know they are all very close together. It truly is a miracle this tree did not cause catastrophic damage to multiple homes!!!

The tree in the park
the road to our dock
Wires hanging low or across the roads. Ohio Edison turned off the power
they started the clean up but need help removing this large trunk
The water receded and the road to the dock is back open!

Finally the winds calmed down and the mother Erie was happy again!

One thought on “Lake Erie was angry

  1. The damage of Mother Nature… the wisdom of knowing how much worse it could have been the promise of a new tomorrow ….the sun will once again shine and thankful 🙏🏻 for all our of life’s blessings. Your photos say it all, no words needed only faith and ❤️. Hugs…m

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