The end of our 20th season!

Well we went out with a bang. These girls survived another COVID twirling season. We at least got one competition again and we have some summer parades planned. We did a very casual showcase last night and honored our senior, Abby. We were all emotional but we made it a special night for her. These girls made my 20th anniversary as an owner/coach extremely special. They grew so much as twirlers and i could not be more proud of them!

We also had a special observation night for our rec level girls. We have kept the school closed to all spectators this year so it was nice to allow the parents to sit in on a practice and see all the hard work the girls have put in!

Sad to see another season end, but excited for a fun summer of twirling!

One thought on “The end of our 20th season!

  1. What a great ending to a special year…20th. Year for Coach Jill…👩🏼‍🎓 for Abby…a spring showcase withe parents and a summer with scheduled parades…yes life is good. I’ll be watching all of you from the crowd. 💕 and hugs to all of you…m


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