Mothers Day Weekend

Despite not having my bonus daughters for the weekend, we had a very nice time! My nanny kids all made me cards (homemade are my favorite) and they gave me the sweetest keychain!

On Saturday we spent the day in vermilion with my mother. The boys played on the boat and i hung out with my mom. We gave her a new life jacket, to match her jet ski, and a bag with sunscreen. She is all set to play in the lake!

My amazing mother also made my oldest nanny girl “safe” cookies for her to enjoy. They are free of all her allergens. She loved them. Please don’t judge my icing job. It was my first time 🤣

John playing on the boat 😂

On Sunday i woke up to a card and new fishing shirts from my amazing husband. He always make me feel so special!

Later in the day we had my mother in law and father in law over for dinner. It was pouring all day but John still grilled a delicious meal

Gifts from my MIL
I submitted this to the United States Twirling Association page for their Mother’s Day shoutout!

One thought on “Mothers Day Weekend

  1. Your Mother’s Day weekend was beautiful…just like the beautiful daughter, sister, aunt, nanny, wife, mother, friend, coach…and all that you are to everyone whose life you touch. You are amazing and never doubt that you are loved by some many. Tight, tight thank you hug just because you’re you 💕💕💕…m

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