Busy Weekend!

We started off Saturday by driving to my parents house. They needed us to tow the jet ski to a shop to see if it could be repaired. Before we left the girls did some crafts with grandma sue and my dad and John went to some local marinas to find out about docking for the summer.

Making crafts for their room at grandma and grandpa’s
We obviously took her off before we towed 😂

After we dropped off the jet ski we stopped by BJ’s for some lunch and ran over to Dick’s to buy K’s boyfriend a football. It’s her first boyfriend and i guess for the age of 10 it’s pretty serious ❤️😂

Pizooki time
We stopped by the boyfriends house to drop off his gift and adorable homemade card K made for him!

For dinner we made chick kabobs. E didn’t want any because she is vegetarian now and she also wasn’t feeling good. K and i made wonderful assistants!

Sunday grandma sue, grandpa don and Abby came over. The boys went to look at a boat and us girls just hung out!

Homework time with a creep looking over her shoulder 😂

For dinner we grilled pork chops, walleye, corn, zucchini and plant based burgers!

It’s rough cooking gluten free meals and now vegetarian meals but we make it work for everyone!!!

2 thoughts on “Busy Weekend!

  1. A MAMA BEAR never stops taking care of Papa Bear and her Cubs. Looks like a weekend that kept you all busy…including family, fun and good food too. Do you think when Abby looks in the mirror, her mind is like ours and saying “What was the groomer thinking…I told her to trim it up not take it all off “ 😱😱😱😂😂😂 Like we all have heard time and time again….give it a few weeks it will grow back. Thanks for sharing 😘…m


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