Kids say the darndest things Pt. 1

I decided to make this a new series of mine basically so i can look back and laugh all over again. Between my nanny kids, my nieces, my twirling students and my daughters, i have some crazy and hilarious conversations! I hope you enjoy them as well!

*conversation with my nanny girl (6) who doesn’t love how loud the toilet is when it flushes NG: miss Jilly can you flush the toilet for me? Me: that’s why I’m here to flush toilets. NG: no you’re here to have fun and do crafts too 😂

*conversation with my nanny girl(6). Me: oh look McDonald’s is hiring awesome people. I should apply. NG: no that’s not a good idea. Me: but I’m awesome and i could totally do that. NG: but then you would have to learn not to drink 1000 iced coffees a day. Me: ok never mind

*conversation with my nanny boy(4) NB: miss Jilly what is your work Me: this is my job buddy. My work is being a nanny NB: what is your other job Me: well i also teach baton and own the Pink Ladies. What do you think my job is? NB: i don’t know. Working in your house? I think what he is trying to say is that he respects trophy wives and we should just all stay home and take care of the house!

*craft time with my nanny girl(6) Me: wow i didn’t realize Jupiter was so big NG: yeah earth can fit inside in 9 times!!!! Me: oh, yeah, i totally knew that 😂😉

“I’m smart just not that smart!” Karalyn (10)

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