Tween trouble

What a fun Saturday with our youngest daughter and our niece. These girls kept us busy the entire day but we had so much fun. I have never heard so much giggling!!! They played bouncy balls, we went to the playground, they twirled batons, played baseball, ate ice cream and watched the babysitters club! They both were asleep within 5 minutes!!!!

Tie dye twins
Always laughing
Rock climbers
I locked them up (they are not licking the cage!)
The big kids joined in the fun
She’s a wild animal on the loose
Again laughing
My husband likes to show off
Scrunchy baseball
Ice cream faces
Watching the babysitters club
Sweet dreams my loves

5 thoughts on “Tween trouble

  1. What a special cousin day, filled with fun,laughterand love. What great memories this day held….big tight Thank You hugs for sharing. Hope everyone sleeps tight and is ready for another fun day tomorrow. Sweet dreams, 💕 …m

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