A year later and the vaccine is here!

Wow can you believe the roller coaster of change this last year?! In a way it’s kind of a proud feeling that i was able to adapt to so much. I mean teaching baton via zoom and nannying 3 small children with no school or activities!?! But i did it!!!

I haven’t been inside a mall, library or museum in over a year! It’s been exactly a year since i last went to the zoo. The zoo!? Yes the zoo. That use to be my second home!

All these changes haven’t been that terrible. We all had to learn to adapt but during that process we discovered so many awesome and fun and new things!!!!

The worst part of the pandemic is not being able to have family parties. We did thanksgiving and Christmas separate. We haven’t all been together as a family of 9 in six months. That sucks. I haven’t hugged my parents in over a year. That sucks. I haven’t had play dates with my niece. That sucks.

BUT there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccine is here!!!! My dad is vaccinated, my mom has had one shot, my brother goes tomorrow and John and i should be eligible in the next week or so based on our age. As soon as my sister in law gets hers, we can all hang out again!!!! This vaccine is the missing link to having the family together all as one. I am so grateful they created it so fast but of course that made me a little bit nervous also! Honestly though it’s not about me when it comes to getting this vaccine. The most selfless thing i can do to show my family, my nanny family and my baton students that i love them, is by getting vaccinated!

One thought on “A year later and the vaccine is here!

  1. yes ready to all be together again If we need to vaccinate to do that I’m ready. Ready to get back to normal! 2020 is just a blur but learned family is important!

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