International Women’s Day

My nanny girl inspires me to be a better human

Ever since Groundhog Day my nanny girl has been appalled that she had to go to school on a holiday 😂. When i broke the news to her that she also had to go to school on St. Patrick’s day she was beside herself. She wanted to know why? I explained she only gets off school on national holidays. I explained to her i don’t make the rules. She quickly asked then who does, in which i replied the president. Her response….”we need to write him a letter.” The second we got home she got to work. She drafted this entire letter by herself, placed it in the envelope, and asked to me to address it.

Dear Mr President please give this 6 year old some answers. I have no doubt this amazing little girl will do big things when she gets older and there may be some additional holidays in all our futures 😂🙏🏼

One thought on “International Women’s Day

  1. Jillian…you go girl. You are strong, beautiful, amazing….believe in every dream you chase and know you will succeed. Yesterday we celebrated International Woman’s Day… today we celebrate you, a new, younger generation, who will carry on the tradition and pass it along. Never stop believing or doing. You melt my ❤️…m

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