New phone ruined my weekend!

Jeez what a crazy weekend. It went by soooo fast and i feel i didn’t even get to enjoy it. Can i get a redo? Yesterday after i attended my best friends aunts funeral i stopped by the Verizon store. I was able to upgrade my phone so i thought this is my chance to go back to an iPhone. Simple right!? Ha not even close! I purchased the iPhone 12. They sent me home with my new phone, old phone and instructions on how to make the transfer. I did it and i was up and running. Or so i thought. I quickly realized i wasn’t receiving text messages from android users. This was a HUGE problem because this included my husband, boss and business partner. Panic set in. I spent an hour on the phone with Verizon and the lovely lady had no idea how to help me. We tried EVERYTHING. Ok no problem i will just go back to the store in the morning.

This morning i was waiting in front of the store the second they opened. I went in and got a less than friendly sales person but i didn’t care as long as he fixed my phone. After an hour of doing everything i had already tried, switching to 3 new SIM cards and giving me a brand new iPhone 12, a miracle happened. The messages were coming through. Hooray! BUT i was NOT happy that when i received the new phone the sales guy refused to give me a new glass screen cover. What?!! It’s not my fault i was given a bad apple phone but now i have to pay another $50 to replace my screen cover that i had less than 24 hours? Oh i was hot but just happy to get out of there.

After a short trip to the grocery store, i finally returned home. While home i quickly realized i wasn’t receiving text messages from my android contacts 😡. Oh was i mad. My husband insisted on coming back to the store with me this time.

I walked up to the door and told the guy why I’m back for a 3rd time. I was so relieved to have a new person. Alex went above and beyond to solve this problem. After he did all he could, he called for level 2 tech support. After they did all they could do we were transferred to higher support. Boom this person figure it out. We figured out that android had a new feature similar to “iMessaging” and for some reason my old phone didn’t automatically turn this feature off. So basically the android users phones were trying to use this feature that i no longer have. I’m happy it was a “simple” fix but my goodness my entire weekend was ruined by Verizon! I would also like to add that the less than friendly sales person told on himself to the manager. I could hear them whispering about me upset he didn’t replace my screen cover. Guess he hoped he would never see me again. Surprise I’m back. And the manager made it right and replaced the screen cover!

If you are still reading this, i thank you for allowing me to vent. On a good note my new glasses arrived and i love them. I can see clearly again!!!!

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