I have always been taught that Lent is not about giving up something for the sake of giving up something. Lent shows a disciplined practice in suffering and keeps us grounded. Humbled. Grateful for what we do have. It takes away something in our lives that we enjoy and in a small way connects us to what Jesus went through those 40 days in the desert.

Some may say that we have already suffered and gave up so much in the last year, but i don’t feel that way. Has the last year been a drastic change from what is my “normal?” Absolutely but its just been a temporary shift in how life was. I miss life before COVID but i also enjoy some of the new ways of life. I miss family gatherings. I miss hugging my parents. My family. I miss story times at the library with my nanny kids. I miss baton competitions and parades. But this is all temporary and we are doing what we need to for our health and the lives of others. These weren’t choices we made for ourselves. We were directed by medical staff to shift our lifestyles for the well being of human beans.

With all that being said for the 40 days of Lent i will be giving up iced tea. I already eat pretty healthy and iced tea is a daily drink for me. Coffee was an option also but i felt that was more unsafe for others if i didn’t drink that. Haha! So now i just drink more water throughout the day since i do not drink pop or juice. I am sure my body is thanking me and probably hoping i never go back to iced tea. Who knows maybe after day 40 i won’t miss it!

6 thoughts on “Lent

    1. Rebecca I think that is so wonderful. Acts of kindness go such a far way. One of my new year “resolutions” is to send more snail mail….which ironically is even more of a snail these days!!!! I just love to surprise people with a special note or card in the mail!!!!

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