Happy Valentine’s Day!

I celebrated love this week with a Valentine’s party with my baton group. We had so much fun playing games, exchanging valentine’s and eating junk food! I also got to enjoy my nanny kids excitement with parties at school! My nanny boy even won the valentine’s day box contest!!! My oldest nanny girl said it was the best day of school ever (probably true since she has only been to school since covid began)! They played games and exchanged valentine’s!

John and I celebrate all month long as this is the month we started dating 2 years ago. We have lots of firsts to reminisce about and everyday brings many smiles and happy memories!

2 years ago on 2/12 John brought me a donut and iced coffee to my work! On Friday he came home from work with these treats for me!
Pink Ladies coaches
The valentine’s we sent to family
The set of valentine’s I passed out to my baton students
My nanny boys winning box!

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