Facebook-good, bad, or ugly?

As I’ve stepped back from facebook a little these days, I’ve almost felt a sense of relief. Does anyone else feel like it’s a toxic environment? I have so many thoughts about this. In a way it’s a really nice way to keep in touch (especially during covid) with family and friends but is this also hurting our relationship with others? Like if you know every part of someone’s life via social media, does that create less of a need to make phone calls or meet up with people? Like if a friend posts pictures of all the fun things she is doing with her children, do I really need to call and see how life is going? What would we even talk about since I’ve read all that has happened in her life this week. Or if you know a friend is struggling in her life but all she posts is happy and fun photos, what does that say about her? Why is she trying to put on a fake smile for others. They aren’t real friends if she can’t talk about how life is really going….I’m not judging as I, too, have been this woman! Have you ever started comparing yourself to others? Families doing amazing outings, wives doing extraordinary things, woman cooking and baking while working full-time and raising a family, people remodeling their homes, etc. Do these things ever make you stop and think “am I doing enough?” Does this constantly make us compare ourselves to others. Remember back in the day when we were taught never to bring up politics at a family party? Well now we don’t have to worry about that because thanks to facebook we now know everyone’s political views. Sometimes we can just scroll by, but other times we feel the need to comment which usually doesn’t end well. Is there ever a need for another family reunion or high school reunion? What would be the point. The excitement and anticipation of seeing others we haven’t seen in so long is now gone. We know everything about everyone. Or at least we know who they want us to think they are by how they portray themselves online. We shouldn’t know this much about coworkers, clients, neighbors, etc. We have no privacy. No special moments. And don’t even get me started on the addictive nature of it. Bing…..quick check your phone to see who has added to their story, liked your photo, commented on your status. Have you ever sat in the same room as a loved one who is on their phone the entire time? I’d rather sit in silence watching tv together than feel the loneliness of them on their phone the entire time. Does it make you wonder why your presence isn’t enough? THIS IS TOXIC AND IT IS RUINING RELATIONSHIPS!!!!! I have a love/hate relationship with modern technology (i giggle inside as I’m currently blogging) and i just needed to vent!

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