Goodbye 2020

Wow what a year! I never thought a pandemic would occur in my lifetime. I still remember when i first heard about the coronavirus. I remember thinking why is the president talking about this. We then got grounded and no one could leave their homes. Schools got shut down. No one can work or go to school???? Ok I’m listening now….no way did i ever think 9 months later we would still have people working from home, children still not in school, everyone wearing masks when outside of the home, social distancing of at least 6ft AND no family gatherings including holidays! I’m a hugger…..I am not ok!!!

I do believe some good came from all of this. Families had to slow down and spend more time together. Children were getting so creative in finding things to do around the house. More people enjoyed the outdoors. Picnics and walks in the park were now something you regularly saw. It was kind of like the 80’s were making a comeback!!!!

Cooking from home and having meals as a family also became a thing. You literally couldn’t find yeast at stores because families were baking like crazy. People were sharing recipes, not sports updates. People were posting family activities, not game days photos. In a time of sadness and the unknown, families were coming back together!

In June my parents welcomed a labradoodle to the family. They named her Abby Lee and she is amazing. My dad works with her everyday and she has learned so many awesome tricks!

2020 definitely was a rollercoaster ride. I’m happy to say after we fought hard, we were rewarded 50/50 custody of the girls in august. We moved out into our beautiful apartment in September. After another long fight, Kevin was forced to put my Parma home on the market and it finally sold!!!!

We are leaving this year healthy! Everyone is healthy and we will continue to isolate and wear our masks to keep things that way. I hope this new vaccine is successful and everyone receives it soon!

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